Hello! I am Ankur
Web developer & occasional blogger
from Mumbai, India.
I have created


An online text editor that allows real-time collaboration.

Password Generator

Need a strong, lengthy, complicated and unique password for each site? Password Generator will help you.


Placehold.er is a quick, simple yet powerful image placeholder service for development.

On my blog

Turning Facebook Profile Pics Into Emoticons

Did you know, you can use profile pics as emoticons in your Facebook chat? No… then here is how to use them. In Facebook chat, you can use profile pic of you or your friends as emoticons. You can even use profile pics of Facebook pages as emoticons. To make profile pic as emoticons just…

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Few articles for developers
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Implementation of Binary Search Tree in Java

[java] import java.io.*; class node { int data; node left,right; public node(int x) { data=x; left=null; right=null; } } class BST { node root; public void insert(int x) { if (root==null) { node p=new node(x); root=p; } else insertdata(root,x); } private void insertdata(node n,int x) { if (n.data==x) { System.out.println(“Value already present”); return; } else…

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Implementing Singly Linked List in Java

[java] import java.io.*; class node { int data; node prev,next; public node(int x) { data=x; next=null; } } class SLL { node start=null; public void insertFirst(int x) { if (isEmpty()) { node p=new node(x); start=p; } else { node p=new node(x); p.next=start; start=p; } } public void insertLast(int x) { if (isEmpty()) { node p=new…

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Infix to Postfix Conversion using Stack in Java

[java] import java.io.*; import java.lang.*; class stack { private final int STACKSIZE=50; private int top; private char items[]; public stack() { top=-1; items=new char[STACKSIZE]; } public void push(char a) { if (top==STACKSIZE-1) { System.out.println(“overflow”); return; } else top++; items[top]=a; } public boolean isEmpty() { if(top==-1) return true; else return false; } public char pop() {…

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