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Getting Most Out Of The SkyDrive: Part 2

As we know, SkyDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft and comes at free of cost with each Windows live account. SkyDrive provides 7GB of free storage and if you are old customer of SkyDrive then you might have 25GB of storage. In old days SkyDrive was accessible only with it’s web interface but two weeks ago Microsoft launched their official desktop app of SkyDrive for Windows and Mac based PC’s.

Just a few days after launch of SkyDrive, I wrote a post on Getting most out of the SkyDrive. That post featured some common things what you can do with SkyDrive. If you have missed that post then here is outline for you

  • Use it as storage
  • Move your My Documents to SkyDrive
  • Use to sync files between two or more PC
  • Use as backup

You can read full post by following this link.

Apart from this, while stumbling on the web for cloud storage, I found a new useful trick which can be done with SkyDrive. This can be done with Google Drive and Dropbox also but SkyDrive comes with more storage than Dropbox and Google Drive hence we are doing it on SkyDrive. Many of you have 25GB storage while some may have 7GB, 7GB storage is quite big than 5GB of Google Drive and much bigger than the 2GB of Dropbox.

Many of you already installed and started using SkyDrive from your PC using SkyDrive app. The SkyDrive app creates a folder on your PC and synchronize all files from that folder. You can cut, copy, paste files and folder in or out from SkyDrive. Once you pasted a file in that folder it will be uploaded to cloud and also will be synced to all other devices connected to your account.

Now the trick

Imaging SkyDrive mounted as a drive on your PC!

Really, that’s a great thing. If you able to mount SkyDrive on your PC as a drive then you will no longer to find that special folder. You can access SkyDrive straight away from My Computer with few click.

So how to do this

For this purpose you need to download a software named as Folder Drive. Folder drive is a small utility which lets you mount/unmounts the folders as drives on your PC. Just you have to download, run, select folders, assign drive and then simply hit create drive. That’s all.

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Your Facebook Account Has 3 Passwords

An interesting thing to look on. Till now this is known to a very few users of Facebook. Your Facebook account has three passwords. Yup right! Three passwords. Facebook uses this, to avoid login errors which are generally caused by keeping CAPS lock on while entering password. You can log in to your Facebook account by three passwords, one which is generated by you and another which are generated by Facebook itself, toggling the case of characters.

Let’s understand this with help of example.

Password 1 (User Generated)

Say you have password for your Facebook account as

Here the characters F,K,P are in upper case and all other characters are in lower case. This is your first and own generated password. You always use this. The remaining two passwords which are generated by Facebook are as Follows.

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Google Drive: A Sneak Peek

Just a few days ago, Google entered in market of cloud storage by launching it’s most awaited Google Drive. Many tech blogs, personal blogs, websites already written a lots of article on it. Even in many places, many newspaper printed this as a news. Since Google is a master in internet world, Google Drive launch is a huge story.

So What Google Drive Is?

As an internet user, you might know everything already about Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud based storage. Where user can upload files and folders. Google provides 5GB of storage free to each user but if a user need more than he or she can purchase it from Google at a low-cost.

Google cloud drive has dedicated apps for android and PCs even for iPhone and iPad also. User can install this app on their respective devices and can interact with Google drive in the same way that of interacting with the folder on normal PC.

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Getting Most Out Of Your Windows Live Skydrive

Just a few days ago Microsoft released a desktop app of Windows Live Skydrive for Windows and Mac OS. Now user can download this app and mount their 7GB ( for some user 25GB) of free cloud based storage as a folder in their PC.

So now you have a ton of free storage on cloud. You can use this storage for various purpose. But still there may be question in your mind, How to get most out of the SkyDrive ? So in this post we are going to discuss a few techniques and tricks which can be  useful in getting most out of the SkyDrive.

1. Use it as a Storage

That’s the basic thing. You can download the SkyDrive App on your PC and then this huge cloud storage will get mounted as a folder in your PC. Now you do anything with it. You can store files, documents, sheets, presentations photos, mp3s etc whatever you want.

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HTML 5 DnD Download: A Quick Implementation

So whatever you are, a developer or a user you might know about Drag and Drop Upload. You might have used it on Facebook for uploading photos or in G-Mail for uploading attachments and even on other sites also. Drag and drop is not a new thing, remember how you copy files from your pen drive. What you do is, re-size the window and then you drag required files from desktop to pen-drive or vice-versa. That is nothing but drag and drop. Here on the web, there are many implementations and tutorial are available for creating Drag and Drop upload but there are only few for Drag and Drop Download. Here in this post you will get a quick look on this HTML 5 feature.

So what actually drag and drop download means?

Have you ever tried f yes then you might know that box allows you to save files to your computer by dragging them from your browser to your desktop. You can even drag the files from you account to printer, in order to print them. You can even drag them into messenger so as to send that file to your friend. As drag and drop upload, Drag and drop download allows you to download any file directly from the internet to required location without doing donkey work of selecting save as from menu and lookup for required folder each time.

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System Ninja: Clean Junk Files, Manage Startup & Analyse Your PC

System Ninja Logo
System Ninja Logo

Everyone wants their PC top and running smoothly.For this each and everyone must clean the clutter and remove all unwanted files. Whenever you install, uninstall and even while use any applications , a lots of log files are created. They are much useful for debugging purpose for application developer but still they can called unwanted file for most of the users. So if you are regularly trying new and new software then there might be 1000’s of such files present in your PC. They are unwanted and takes a lot’s of space. Sometime they may be in few GB’s in size. Actually they are useless and harmless. But sometimes due to huge in number they might became a problem for your PC. Some common problems they cause are, Low disk space, wastage of memory and sometime they may lead to blue screen errors. If you want to remove them then for this purpose there are thousands of utilities available on internet, some of them are paid while some of them are free. So we are going to discuss a new free utility which will help you to clean all this clutter. Yup ! It is System Ninja by Singular Labs.

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Speed Up Your Site with Chrome Prerendering

While stumbling upon the web for Web 3.0, I come across a best tool for web designers.  You might know that there is an option for turning on or turning off Network Prediction in Google Chrome. Google claims that this option is useful to decrease load time of a page & the page is instantly loaded on your browser when you click on link. Here is a video on this pre-rendering, a feature of Google Chrome. This feature is also referred as Instant Pages.

What is prerendering?

According to Web developer’s Guide from Google

Prerendering is an experimental feature in Chrome (versions 13 and up) that can take hints from a site’s author to speed up the browsing experience of users. A site author includes an element in HTML that instructs Chrome to fetch and render an additional page in advance of the user actually clicking on it.

How to implement it?

Adding support for Instant Pages to your website is extremely simple. Open your website template or code whatever you call and, before the closing </head> tag, include the following code:

<link rel="prerender" href="">

The URL ( should point to the next “logical” page. For instance, if you have a photo gallery or a long article that spans multiple pages, the URLs could point to different parts of the page. The prerender tag on Page 1 could point to Page 2 while the prerender tag on Page 2 could point to Page 3 and so on.

How to implement it on WordPress based websites?

Feel yourself lucky. It need some efforts to add this code on each and every page of your site if you are using static website. But as you are WordPress user, just single line of code will do all of your work.

What you have to do is, Just open up header.php from your theme and add following lines before tag.

<!-- Instant Pages for Google Chrome -->
<link rel="prerender" href="<?php echo get_next_posts_page_link(); ?>">

That’s all.

For more information you can visit Google Web Developer Guide.