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So you need a strong, lengthy, complicated and unique password for each site?

You are on right app. Our password generator can generate strong, lengthy, complicated and unique password for each site that you use. Select a master password, provide a keyword (Your favorite name for site) and hit 'Generate' button, stay secure.

Master Password:


10 Characters (Default)
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Note: Please download a copy of this tool as backup or keep generated passwords at safe place. Scroll down for download.

  1. First enter you Master Password.
    Master Password can be any secrete password.
  2. Then enter Keyword.
    Keywords are some specials words which are used to generate your password. They work as Tags for your accounts. A keyword may be site name or account address or can be anything else. Say, for Facebook, you can use keywords facebook or fb or myfb or anything else. Say, for Gmail, you can use keyword as your email address or gmail or google or anything else.
    Note: Once you have selected a keyword for any account, you cannot change it. Say, if you are using fb as keyword for Facebook then changing it to myfb or anything else will result into new password.
  3. Then select Length for your password
    • Longer length will provide more strength to your password.
    • If you have generated password with this tool and if you have changed default length of your password from 10 to something else say 15, then in future you will need to select 15 only for retrieving password. Selecting another length will result into different password even if your master password and keyword are correct.
    • Tip: Better to keep this option untouched, even 10 characters long password is good.
  4. Hit Generate button and password will be generated and displayed on your screen.
  1. It is Safe?
    Yes. This password generator is made with JavaScript hence it do not need any server interaction. Neither password nor keyword is sent to our severs, everything is done on your machine itself.
  2. Do This Use any Database?
    Nope. This password generator do not have any database in background. That's why this app do have offline version also.
  3. What I Can Do If I Forget My Master Password Or Keyword Or Both?
    Sorry we can't help you. As we generate password on your pc, neither your master password nor keywords and even not generated passwords are transferred to our server. So if you forget any of them, master password, keyword or generated password then you will need reset it.
  4. Generated Passwords Are Hackproof?
    You can say YES. A strong password is always more than 8 characters long and is combination of letters in both cases, numbers and special characters. While generating a password, script do take care of ALL & makes it stronger and complicated. But still if your PC is at risk (key loggers or malwares are present in your PC) then we can't help you.
  5. Are This Passwords Randomly Generated?
    No. This script uses SHA-1 algorithm which is enhanced further with another algorithm for generating more complicated hashes. As both algorithms are well defined, they will produce same output regardless of other things such as device or location.
  6. Should I Download This Tool?
    Yes or else keep all generated passwords at safe place.
  7. Where I Can Get Download Link?
    Just scroll down the page. You will find it.
  • Powered With SHA 1
    This password generator uses SHA 1 encryption for generating password that means once you have generated the password with master password, no one can guess you master password from generated one.
  • Then With Our Randomizer
    A script which again randomize password and making it more harder, stronger. This script also crops the password which makes impossible to decode your generated password.

That's all, how we made it. Now here are some interesting FAQs for you.

  • Why you used keywords rather than site name while generating passwords?
    There are many peoples who do have two or more accounts on same site. So if we use site name then you cannot able to get two different passwords for two different account on same site.
  • Why SHA-1?
    SHA-1 is most widely used and well designed algorithm for hashing.

Download It!

Download a copy of this tool for offline use.


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