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Your Facebook Account Has 3 Passwords

An interesting thing to look on. Till now this is known to a very few users of Facebook. Your Facebook account has three passwords. Yup right! Three passwords. Facebook uses this, to avoid login errors which are generally caused by keeping CAPS lock on while entering password. You can log in to your Facebook account by three passwords, one which is generated by you and another which are generated by Facebook itself, toggling the case of characters.

Let’s understand this with help of example.

Password 1 (User Generated)

Say you have password for your Facebook account as

Here the characters F,K,P are in upper case and all other characters are in lower case. This is your first and own generated password. You always use this. The remaining two passwords which are generated by Facebook are as Follows.

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Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into a Movie

Just a few months ago, Facebook launch it’s brand new feature called Facebook Timeline. Facebook Timeline allows you to display your profile in Timeline view. Many of you might have activated it and also using it. Many of you liked it and many of you are not. But we are not here to talk about what you like about timeline and what you not, instead of that we are here to discuss about a great website.

If you have activated the Facebook Timeline then you may consider to try it. While stumbling upon the Web I found something interesting. Timeline Movie Maker a collaborative project of Facebook and Definition will transform your timeline into a beautiful video. This video will create a good flashback of your life. Just a simple click, and you will be a filmmaker. That’s all.

Timeline Movie Maker: Homepage

Once you click on Make Your Movie and then your movie will be ready in just a few minutes. Once the movie is made, the tool allows you to change the movie’s music and replace any image, video or check-in.

The movie maker is great but still it do not have any option to save or embed your movie. Maybe in feature this options will be made available. Still it is interesting.

Timeline Movie Maker

Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Killer Cover Photos

Now, Facebook Timeline has rolled out to everyone, and looks great on everyone’s profile. Here we have listed some great services that let you customize the new “Cover Photo” banner space at the top of your profile.

  1. Pic Scatter
  2. Profile Picture Maker’s Timeline Cover Banner
  3. FaceItPages’ Timeline Cover Tool
  4. Cover Canvas
  5. CoverJunction
Each of this tool is unique in its own way. You can try all of them and can make a best Cover Photo for your profile. In addition to all of this tools, You can also try this Facebook app to create you Cover Photo J4 Timeline Covers Facebook App. If you want to read full review of all of this tools/sites including App also, you can visit Mashable.com for that.

(Source: Mashable)