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Using Localhost For Facebook App Development

As a programmer you do develop every application on your machine first and then you test it on same machine and then you push it to remote test/production environment. You are developing a Facebook app and your requirement is user must login to use the app. Now you are ready with local environment, you have created a new project in your powerful IDE, you have downloaded the SDK, you are done with creating a new app in FB developer, now you are trying to add app domains to get access to FB’s oAuth API. Hmm….. Something went wrong!… Facebook is not allowing you to use ‘localhost’ as app domain. Now what to do? Here is solution.

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How To Read Facebook Chat Messages And Stay Undetected

Are you getting annoyed by Facebook chat messages? In past days, if somebody is constantly bombarding you with annoying chat messages then there was a solution to avoid those conversations. Just don’t reply to those messages and then after sometime reply like you have not seen any of those messages. But now Facebook updated their chat feature. They have implemented Read Receipt feature on Facebook Chat. Now-a-days when somebody sends you a chat message, he or she will get a receipt that you have read his/her message or not. Hence old excuses will not work now. Now as sender knows, you have read his/her message or not, you cannot neglect them. Hence there is no option other than replying those annoying chat messages or turn off Facebook chat whenever such things happens. According to me, second option is not quite useful at many times.

Facebook Read Receipt
Facebook Read Receipt Screenshot

Facebook do offers a lot of privacy settings, but they do not offer any setting to turn off read receipt feature of Facebook chat. Hence to get such functionality you have to relay on some third party apps to turn it off. Luckily there is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This extension will allow you to read all those messages and also allows you to stay undetected. Just navigate to this site and simply click on that big green “Get Chat Undetected” button.

If you are using Google Chrome then a installation file will be downloaded to your PC. Once download is completed, you just have to close Google Chrome if it is running and then run that installation file and Chat Undetected will get installed on your Google Chrome. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then you will receive an add-on notice on your screen as soon as you click on that button, confirming the installation of Chat Undetected. Click on “Install Now” and Chat Undetected will get installed your Mozilla Firefox in few seconds.

Once you installed add-on on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the add-on will block your browser from sending those “Seen” receipts to Facebook. That simply means, now onward the sender will not get acknowledgements that you have read his or her messages. So now, if he/she starts fight with you on topic “You are not replying me on Facebook chat” then you can simply ask “Did you received acknowledgement?”. As acknowledgement is not sent to your friend, Of-course he/she will say “No” and then you can simply behave like you don’t know anything. That’s simple. Now you can handle all those annoying chat messages on Facebook.

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New Privacy Settings From Facebook

Have you noticed? A new privacy shortcut started appearing on your Facebook Account. Have you tried it? If not then you must try it as soon as possible. Just a few days ago Facebook revamped privacy settings making it more simple, understandable and powerful. Here is a list of changes that are made in privacy settings.

Privacy Shortcuts

Privacy Shortcuts
Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook introduced a new menu called as ‘Privacy Shortcuts’. From here you can control some basic privacy settings such as who can see your posts, you can review your activity log, you can preview your profile. You can also change setting related to messaging and friend requests. If you want to block somebody then you can do that also with help of ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ easily.
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Control Your Facebook Timeline

Are you frustrated due to some non useful, unknown, unwanted posts, pictures coming up your Timeline? Your friends are tagging you in unwanted photos? Is your reputation is getting decreased due to such things? Then here is how you can control your Facebook Timeline.

Controlling Facebook timeline is very simple and it is getting simpler day by day. Facebook is periodically introducing various new privacy settings but fact is that many of Facebook users are unaware of such things.

How to control your timeline?

To do this you have to navigate to your ‘Privacy Settings’. Select ‘Privacy Settings’ from drop down menu next to your profile link.

Facebook Menu

Scroll down the page and you will find links such as

  • Timeline and tagging
  • Ads, Apps and websites
  • Limit the Audience for past posts

Let’s see them one by one.
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Avoid Facebook Account Hijacking In 4 Steps

Facebook is a well known social networking site used by you, me and millions of other people in world to remain connected with friends and family. Most of you use Facebook regularly. Some of you might got addicted to Facebook. But ask yourself, Is your Facebook account is really safe from hijacking? What all methods you have implemented to make it secure?

If you are not having answer for any of above question then you should must follow following steps to prevent your Facebook account from getting hijacked.

Step 1: Change Your Password

Change Password

This is most important. If you are using current password from a long time then you should change it as early as possible. You can navigate to Account Settings > General to change your password. Try to update your password monthly, it is a good habit. This will prevent most of unauthorized access to your account.

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Deleting Old Profile Pics & Cover Photos From Facebook

Facebook… A well known social networking site that you are using from a long time. Maybe you are one of those people who loves to change their profile picture and cover photos regularly. Anyways, changing your pictures is a good idea and not a bad thing, but sooner you will have a huge gallery of profile pictures and timeline cover photos. In old days, there was an option to remove photos from your profile picture album but now as Facebook got new a design this option is removed for ‘Profile Pictures’ and ‘Cover Photos’ album. That simply means there is no straight forward way to delete old and unwanted photos from your profile picture and cover photos album. So how to delete them?

The trick is

Process is quite simple. Just open your ‘Cover Photos’ / ‘Profile Picture’ album. Once you open album, you will see all photos in grid view.

Now right-click on the photo you wish to delete and then select Open link in new tab from menu.

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