Turning Facebook Profile Pics Into Emoticons

Did you know, you can use profile pics as emoticons in your Facebook chat? No… then here is how to use them.

In Facebook chat, you can use profile pic of you or your friends as emoticons. You can even use profile pics of Facebook pages as emoticons. To make profile pic as emoticons just go to page or profile of your friend and then look out for personalized part of URL, generally id or sometimes custom name selected by your friend or page author. If you are still confused with the personalized part then here are few examples for you…

Personalized url for fb page

In case of page, as shown in above screenshot, look out for the page name in URL.

Personalized url

Personalized url

In case of Facebook profile, lookout for the profile id or personalized profile URL as shown above.

Once you got that personalized part then just put it between double square brackets like [[this]] and hit enter. Say if the personalized part is ‘ankur.mhatre‘ then type ‘[[ankur.mhatre]]‘ and hit enter. That’s all.

Profile pic as emoticon
Profile pic as emoticon



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