Avoid Facebook Account Hijacking In 4 Steps

Facebook is a well known social networking site used by you, me and millions of other people in world to remain connected with friends and family. Most of you use Facebook regularly. Some of you might got addicted to Facebook. But ask yourself, Is your Facebook account is really safe from hijacking? What all methods you have implemented to make it secure?

If you are not having answer for any of above question then you should must follow following steps to prevent your Facebook account from getting hijacked.

Step 1: Change Your Password

Change Password

This is most important. If you are using current password from a long time then you should change it as early as possible. You can navigate to Account Settings > General to change your password. Try to update your password monthly, it is a good habit. This will prevent most of unauthorized access to your account.

What you have achieved in Step 1?

Changing password will prevent access of all other people who was knowing your password. From now onwards you will be only person who will have access to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Enable Secure Browsing


Secure browsing adds more security in data transmission between your PC and Facebook servers. Once secure browsing is enabled, the data will be encrypted. Hence no one can hijack your data while transfer. You can enable Secure browsing by navigating to Account Settings > Security.

What you have achieved in Step 2?

You have added protection in data transmission. Now no one else other than your PC and Facebook server will able to decode the communication.

Step 3: Enable Login Notification


Login notification will allow you gain full control of your Facebook account. This feature will notify you as soon as someone is trying to log in (You might receive notifications for your own logins also). You can get login notification in form of E-Mail and/or SMS. Enabling both options is good decision. You can enable login notifications by navigating to Account Settings > Security.

What you have achieved?

Full control of your Facebook account. If anybody tries to login to your account then you will be notified.

Step 4: End Active Session

You might using your same Facebook account on different devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, iPad, Office PC etc. Many times you might have closed browser in hurry and without logging out from your Facebook account. This may lead to a serious security issue. In such cases, the next person who is going to use that same device may get access to your Facebook account. To avoid such thing you can use Active Session tab from Account Settings > Security.

Active Sessions

In this tab all your active sessions will be listed with device and last accessed time. That means you are still logged from those devices. If somebody else use any of this device then he/she will get access to your Facebook account. To log off from any device, simply click on ‘End Activity’. It is always better to log off form all locations.

What you have achieved?

You are logged off from all other devices except your current device. This is prevent unauthorized access to your Facebook account.

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