Control Your Facebook Timeline

Are you frustrated due to some non useful, unknown, unwanted posts, pictures coming up your Timeline? Your friends are tagging you in unwanted photos? Is your reputation is getting decreased due to such things? Then here is how you can control your Facebook Timeline.

Controlling Facebook timeline is very simple and it is getting simpler day by day. Facebook is periodically introducing various new privacy settings but fact is that many of Facebook users are unaware of such things.

How to control your timeline?

To do this you have to navigate to your ‘Privacy Settings’. Select ‘Privacy Settings’ from drop down menu next to your profile link.

Facebook Menu

Scroll down the page and you will find links such as

  • Timeline and tagging
  • Ads, Apps and websites
  • Limit the Audience for past posts

Let’s see them one by one.

Timeline And Tagging

Facebook-Timeline And Tagging Options

This section allows you to control posts by your friends on your timeline. There are total 6 options to control posts.

  • If you don’t want to allow your friends to post on your timeline then you can use first option itself. Instead of friends you can select ‘No One’ to block posting on your timeline.
  • If you want to limit audience to others post on your timeline then you can control it using second option. If you do want to hide all friends posts on your timeline from others, then you can select ‘Custom’ from drop down menu. Then from custom privacy drop down menu select ‘Only Me’.
  • You can review all posts which are getting published on your timeline by using third and fifth option. If it is ‘Off’, make it ‘On’. Once you enabled this functionality, each and every post which is post getting published on your timeline (of course made by your friends) will be queued for moderation.
  • You can also control tagged post from fourth option.
  • Last sixth option is not very much important if you are enabling third and fifth one. Anyway if you don’t want to be get tagged by anyone else then you can select ‘No One’ from drop down menu.

Ads, Apps and Website

Many time apps asks permission for posting content on your wall. And fact is that many Facebook user allow them to do that with blind clicks. Once you allowed any app to post on your wall, the app will not need any permission in future. This may lead to privacy issue.

To control all such apps click on ‘Edit Settings’. Then again on ‘Edit Settings’ from ‘Apps you use’ row.

Facebook-Apps you use

You will see a huge list of all allowed apps. Find all unwanted apps and remove them. Once you removed, the apps will need to be get reauthorized if they want to post something on your wall.

Limit the Audience for Past Posts

This is again a most important step. This tool will help you to change visibility of all your old content to Friends only.

Facebook-Limit old posts

Simply click on ‘Limit Old Posts’ and that’s all.

I have listed here only few options. Still there are a lot of options to control your privacy. Explore them, use them like a professional. Privacy is always important. Control your timeline and reputation.

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