New Privacy Settings From Facebook

Have you noticed? A new privacy shortcut started appearing on your Facebook Account. Have you tried it? If not then you must try it as soon as possible. Just a few days ago Facebook revamped privacy settings making it more simple, understandable and powerful. Here is a list of changes that are made in privacy settings.

Privacy Shortcuts

Privacy Shortcuts
Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook introduced a new menu called as ‘Privacy Shortcuts’. From here you can control some basic privacy settings such as who can see your posts, you can review your activity log, you can preview your profile. You can also change setting related to messaging and friend requests. If you want to block somebody then you can do that also with help of ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ easily.

Enhanced Activity Log

Activity Log

With introduction of new privacy settings, Facebook also enhanced its activity log feature. Now new and enhanced activity log contains all your activity on Facebook. It allows you to control your wall posts, likes and also images and posts in which you are tagged by your friends. You can untag yourself from images too.Finally good thing is that Activity log can be called as central point for controlling your Facebook account.

Timeline: New inline options


(Image courtesy: Gizmodo)

With introduction of new privacy setting, Facebook also revamped timeline. Now timeline shows inline help and options as soon as you delete a post or hide something from your Facebook timeline.

A lot more

There are still more options are introduced with this rollout. One of them is now Facebook apps need to get two different permissions, one for accessing your profile data and other one for posting on your wall. In earlier days, with one permission only Facebook apps can do both the things.

Last thing, this was just an overview to all those new options. Try them. Control your privacy.

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