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Password, Password, Password, it is the key to all of your online account. When ever you register on any site you need to enter your secrete password. We use a lot of sites on daily basis. Many of us do have a number of email accounts for different purpose. Rather than keeping new password for each and every account what many people do is, they use same password each time for simplicity, but it not advisable. Generally we do not share this passwords with anyone, but some times it may happen that your friend or most closed person may able to predict it, just by looking at keyboard while you are typing your password. It is always suggested that, create lengthy, complicated and unique passwords for every website that you use but that rarely happens in practice because these complex strings would be nearly impossible for anyone to remember.

Some (or you can say many few, even I am not) people use on password management software which encrypt and store all your passwords in a database which is protected by a single password. Whenever you enter your master password, you will get access to all your stored user logins and passwords.

But still both of the solutions are not suggestible. Just think, What will happen if somebody else other than you got master password of your password manager. There are few online password managers are also available which will store your password online. But still they are not recommended, since the passwords are stored online. Now you are in complex situation. What to do now?

Here is simple solution on that is Password Chameleon.

Password Chameleon
Password Chameleon

Password Chameleon is an online tool. You can call it as password generator rather than password manager. As said, Password Chameleon is password generator, It do not store any of your password in their database, rather it will generate a complex password according to your input.

All you have to do is remember just a single master password. You enter the site’s domain name (say and your master password (say ankurMhatre) and tool will instantly create a password by mashing these two strings. Moreover, every time when you enter your master password and the web domain, the tool will generate the same password. Simply password for each domain will remain same each and every time.

The best thing about Password Chameleon is that passwords are generated locally that means on your computer even without sending your master password on network. Also, Password Chameleon uses the SHA-1 Algorithm to generate your passwords (aka hashes) and it impossible to decrypt the master password from the generated hashes. With help of Password Chameleon your all online accounts will have unique, complex and strong password and what you have to remember is one and only one single master password.

The problem with Password chameleon is that, if you have multiple account on same site then it will not help you. You need a different master password for each of them. The most good thing about Password Chameleon is that, it is free to use from its web interface. Mobile application is also available but it will cost you somewhat around $2.

You can visit and try Password Chameleon by following this link

Password Chameleon

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