Customize And Tweak Windows Taskbar With Ultimate Taskbar Controller

Everyone wants to customize their PC for a good personal experience and here is again a tool which will help you to simplify this tedious task, Ultimate Taskbar Controller will help you to do tweak your taskbar as per your requirements. With Ultimate Taskbar Controller you can Remove Clock, Make space between Volume and Clock, Remove Notification Area and much more.

Ultimate Taskbar Controller Screenshot
Ultimate Taskbar Controller Screenshot

What you have to do is Just download this application by following this link then open this app. Just check the options which you wants to enable, or uncheck the option which you wants to disable & you will see changes immediately. If immediate changes are not seen, then you can Restart or Log Off and Log On Again on your PC, for changes to take effect. It is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ultimate Taskbar Controller

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