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UMPlayer: Play Anything

Windows Media Player, a player that comes build in with Windows cannot plays all the media format. That’s the reason, why many of you have shifted to a new and most powerful media player called VLC. VLC is a free media player and can play most of the media formats & and many of you are using it on your PC from a long time. But what to do if VLC cannot plays a media ?

So here is again a free and open source software or you can say a media player and that the UMPlayer. UMPlayer a universal media player. The most interesting thing is that, UMPlayer can handle With over 270 built-in Audio and Video codecs. It has nearly all media formats, including AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMV, XVID and many more. UMPlayer is Portable also, that means you can install it in your Pen-Drive also.


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Page Snooze: Hide Tabs & Schedule Them To Open Later [Chrome Extension]

If you are a hardcore surfer then many time you may come across a situation that, many tabs are open on your browser screen and you don’t know which one is to be visited and closed first. This open tabs cause load on your system many times and results into crashing of browser. Sometimes due to system fault or say blue screen error or power problem you lose all this important open tabs. Or it may happen that you may not have time to read all the content from all tabs. Even if such things not happen usually, but still all those open tabs are quite irritating.

So if you are a Google Chrome User then here is the solution, there is an extension called Page Snooze which will help you a lot in this cases.

So What Page Snooze Do ?

Quite intersecting question. Page Snooze hides the tab for specific period and once when time is over the tab will be opened automatically on your browser window.

You can download this extension by following this link or by visiting Chrome Web Store directly from your browser.

Download Page Snooze

After installing this extension you will find a clock icon on your browser (at right side of address bar).

Page Snooze
Page Snooze In Action

Usage is very simple.

What you have to do is, Just right-click on the page which you want to hide, you will see Page Snooze option in that list (as shown in above screenshot). Select the proper timing and ta-da… that tab will be hidden. This tab will automatically opened again when the time ends.

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MetroTwit : Twitter Client For Windows In Metro Style

Windows 8 comes with a new UI named as metro, and here is a twitter client for your windows, inspired by this metro UI. MetroTwit is small in size ( Just approx 3.44 MB) but have an elegant and clean user interface that’s beautiful to look at and a pleasure to read (See the following screenshot). It is simple yet powerful.

Metrotwit Screenshot
Metrotwit Screenshot

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MyPermissions : Check Who Is Accessing Your Social Profiles

It’s 2012 already started & now a days security matters a lot. News like ” Facebook Account is hacked ” or ” My Gmail password is stolen by someone ” are not new to you now a days. But now I have found this something surprising for you and that thing is MyPermissions.

MyPermissions contains nothing more than just 8 links but still it is very useful. They do not ask for password, username, sign up etc etc.

What you have to do is just follow the following link and visit MyPermissions

After this you will see something like this

MyPermissions Homepage
MyPermissions Homepage

Next steps are very simple

What you have to do is

  • Just go on clicking icons and you will see the apps which are accessing your profile data.
  • And the remove those apps which you are not using or looks suspicious.

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Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Killer Cover Photos

Now, Facebook Timeline has rolled out to everyone, and looks great on everyone’s profile. Here we have listed some great services that let you customize the new “Cover Photo” banner space at the top of your profile.

  1. Pic Scatter
  2. Profile Picture Maker’s Timeline Cover Banner
  3. FaceItPages’ Timeline Cover Tool
  4. Cover Canvas
  5. CoverJunction
Each of this tool is unique in its own way. You can try all of them and can make a best Cover Photo for your profile. In addition to all of this tools, You can also try this Facebook app to create you Cover Photo J4 Timeline Covers Facebook App. If you want to read full review of all of this tools/sites including App also, you can visit for that.

(Source: Mashable)

Google Input Tools : Chrome Extension

Google Input Tools a Chrome Extension will allow you to write in your language on any of the web page. This extension provides various input tools which can be used in any text box, on any website. Included tools offer transliteration, virtual keyboards, and IMEs. The extension supports all transliteration methods provided by the Google Transliteration Service ( and all keyboard layouts provided by Google Virtual Keyboard (90+ keyboards).

How To Use it?

Just Download the extension by following Google Input Tool:Chrome Extension link.

When you first install the extension you will need to select the input methods you would like to use. Click on the extension icon, then select “Extension Options” in the pop-up menu. A new tab will appear where you can select your preferred input methods. You can always return to this options page to add, remove, or modify the order of your input tools.

Here in following screenshot you can see that I have selected Marathi from Add Input tools.

Google Input Tools Options
Google Input Tools Options

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