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Creating Your Own Themes For Google Chrome

Of-course for most of you Google Chrome is just like a friend on internet. As you know, you can customize Google Chrome by adding several addons and themes from Chrome Web Store or form internet. Ya! those addons and themes are not customizable. Somebody has built it and you are consuming it. It may happen that, you may fall in love with a theme, but sometimes since it is your bad luck, when you download that theme, you find that it not having proper resolution! So here is one best option for you, Create your own theme.

Each one thinks in different way. Hence choices are different. Accounting such requirements of Google Chrome users, Google have developed an extension to create your own themes. You can navigate to Chrome Web Store and look for “My Chrome Theme” or else you can simply click here. You might need to sign in to Chrome Web Store to add this extension to your browser.

Getting Started

Create Your Own Theme:Chrome
Create Your Own Theme:Chrome (Introduction)

Creating themes with My Chrome Theme is quite easy. You just have to launch the app & click on “Start Making New Theme”.

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Search Switch: Search Major Websites Directly From Google’s Home Page

In your life, Google might be one of your best friend on internet. Whenever you need any information, Google is always there for you. You just navigate to www.google.com, enters a query and Google displays you a huge list of result. This list contains results for all websites, you can say nearly all those which are present on internet. But sometimes it may happen that you might want a result from some specific website, say a video from YouTube or you can say an article from Wikipedia. How to do that? Ya! There are few search operators but let’s take help of a great extension Search Switch.

Search Switch is available for both Chrome and Firefox (You can find download link at end of this post). Just you have to navigate to site, and Download. Once Search Switch is installed on your favorite browser, you have to navigate to www.google.com and you will find a refresh (somewhat like that) button at right side of Google Search box. Just click on that button and select the site on which you want to search. The default Google logo will get replaced and ‘Google Search” button will change as soon as you select the site from list. Now, just enter your query and hit Search button. That’s all. Search Switch will take you on respective site and will show result for your query.

Search Switch in action
Search Switch in action

You can use up/down arrow keys or mouse scroll to switch between sites. Apart from that, Search Switch provides few shortcut keys to switch between the websites. You can get complete list of keys in setting menu of Search Switch (which is located on footer of google.com whenever Search Switch is enable) or at their website. Search Switch supports Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Weather.com, WebMD, IMDb, your Gmail Inbox, eHow, Yelp, and RetailMeNot. Here is a small video on how Search Switch works.

If you are a Google Chrome user, then you can get Search Switch from Chrome Web Store. But if you are a Mozilla Firefox user then you have to download it from official website of Search Switch. When we tested Search Switch, we found that Search Switch works only with www.google.com and not with region specific versions of Google.

Download Search Switch (Chrome Store)

Speed Up Your Site with Chrome Prerendering

While stumbling upon the web for Web 3.0, I come across a best tool for web designers.  You might know that there is an option for turning on or turning off Network Prediction in Google Chrome. Google claims that this option is useful to decrease load time of a page & the page is instantly loaded on your browser when you click on link. Here is a video on this pre-rendering, a feature of Google Chrome. This feature is also referred as Instant Pages.

What is prerendering?

According to Web developer’s Guide from Google

Prerendering is an experimental feature in Chrome (versions 13 and up) that can take hints from a site’s author to speed up the browsing experience of users. A site author includes an element in HTML that instructs Chrome to fetch and render an additional page in advance of the user actually clicking on it.

How to implement it?

Adding support for Instant Pages to your website is extremely simple. Open your website template or code whatever you call and, before the closing </head> tag, include the following code:

<link rel="prerender" href="http://example.com/page2.html">

The URL (example.com) should point to the next “logical” page. For instance, if you have a photo gallery or a long article that spans multiple pages, the URLs could point to different parts of the page. The prerender tag on Page 1 could point to Page 2 while the prerender tag on Page 2 could point to Page 3 and so on.

How to implement it on WordPress based websites?

Feel yourself lucky. It need some efforts to add this code on each and every page of your site if you are using static website. But as you are WordPress user, just single line of code will do all of your work.

What you have to do is, Just open up header.php from your theme and add following lines before tag.

<!-- Instant Pages for Google Chrome -->
<link rel="prerender" href="<?php echo get_next_posts_page_link(); ?>">

That’s all.

For more information you can visit Google Web Developer Guide.

Page Snooze: Hide Tabs & Schedule Them To Open Later [Chrome Extension]

If you are a hardcore surfer then many time you may come across a situation that, many tabs are open on your browser screen and you don’t know which one is to be visited and closed first. This open tabs cause load on your system many times and results into crashing of browser. Sometimes due to system fault or say blue screen error or power problem you lose all this important open tabs. Or it may happen that you may not have time to read all the content from all tabs. Even if such things not happen usually, but still all those open tabs are quite irritating.

So if you are a Google Chrome User then here is the solution, there is an extension called Page Snooze which will help you a lot in this cases.

So What Page Snooze Do ?

Quite intersecting question. Page Snooze hides the tab for specific period and once when time is over the tab will be opened automatically on your browser window.

You can download this extension by following this link or by visiting Chrome Web Store directly from your browser.

Download Page Snooze

After installing this extension you will find a clock icon on your browser (at right side of address bar).

Page Snooze
Page Snooze In Action

Usage is very simple.

What you have to do is, Just right-click on the page which you want to hide, you will see Page Snooze option in that list (as shown in above screenshot). Select the proper timing and ta-da… that tab will be hidden. This tab will automatically opened again when the time ends.

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Google Input Tools : Chrome Extension

Google Input Tools a Chrome Extension will allow you to write in your language on any of the web page. This extension provides various input tools which can be used in any text box, on any website. Included tools offer transliteration, virtual keyboards, and IMEs. The extension supports all transliteration methods provided by the Google Transliteration Service (http://www.google.com/transliterate) and all keyboard layouts provided by Google Virtual Keyboard (90+ keyboards).

How To Use it?

Just Download the extension by following Google Input Tool:Chrome Extension link.

When you first install the extension you will need to select the input methods you would like to use. Click on the extension icon, then select “Extension Options” in the pop-up menu. A new tab will appear where you can select your preferred input methods. You can always return to this options page to add, remove, or modify the order of your input tools.

Here in following screenshot you can see that I have selected Marathi from Add Input tools.

Google Input Tools Options
Google Input Tools Options

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